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Travel Letters

These trip planning tools will help you  plan your trip of a lifetime.

What is your approach to travel?  How do you plan your trips?  We all do it differently.  There is no
"right way".  Some RVers prefer casual touring; others have a limited time frame.  We all want  to get
the most enjoyment while going down the road.    For all travelers, the overriding theme is that
Relaxing Vacation!

Before you plan the trip.  
  • A quick overview of US history and geography for armchair travelers to add perspective to the
    planning.  The geography often influenced the development of the country -- this brief refresher
    may help readers who have been away from the classrooms for decades.  Suggested for people
    who just don't know where to start...or want to "organize their thoughts".
  • The Art of Planning Your Most Memorable Trip, appeared in Family Motor Coaching magazine.  
    It describes our approach to the trip planning process.  

Where to go, Places to see... Terse descriptions of hundreds of places of historic or scenic interest
in the US and Canada are described in the order in which travelers will visit them.

Battleships, carriers, submarines & more...   Links to some former US Navy ships that are open to
visitors.  A map helps you locate the ships that you will see along your planned route.

Theme Parks... Links to some leading parks for family fun.  A map helps you locate parks on your way.

Tourist Bureaus

Other information resources

  • Local people.  This heads up the list for a reason.  Folks you meet along the way may
    recommend a place or event that will be a long lasting memory.  Maybe they'll suggest an eatery
    that's a local favorite, a fish fry at the village fire house, a pow-wow, a scenic view point, word of
    an iceberg that just grounded off a nearby beach, or... who knows.  Maybe they'll give you a fresh
    insight -- like how things were when they were growing up.  
  • Library.  We use several publications to plan our trips and some we use as we travel
  • Websites.   A sampling of sites we used to plan our trips and some we refer to as we travel.  
    Also a few we wish we learned of before we visited an area.  Includes some sites of special
    interest to RVers.  Includes some "blogs" which may give you some input.  
Trip Planning Resources
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A website to assist travelers who are planning extended trips