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Travel Letters
Accommodations (motels & RV parks)  -  Do you make reservations?
Altitude  - Are you bothered by the high altitude?
Emergency/medical/general preparedness - What about your prescriptions?
Financial -  How do you handle banking?...and bills?
Journal      -  Do you keep a journal?
Mail          -  How do you handle your mail?
Traffic       -  When is the best time to travel?
Organizations  -   Are you a member of ___?
Weather   -  Isn't it too cold when you're there?

When people hear of our extended RV travels they often ask how we maintain our ties to
civilization like mail, banking, etc. when we're on the road for months at a time.  Others ask
about on-the-road living.  Below are our general answers to some of the RV lifestyle FAQs.  
We're sure that as you plan your trip you will add to these thoughts.
Travel Tips for Extended Travelers
Maintaining day-to-day life when on the road
RV Lifestyle  What is the RV lifestyle you talk about?  And does this affects your choice of RV?
RV Lifestyle, Part 2  What should new RVers expect?
A website to assist travelers who are planning extended trips