Accommodations (motels & RV parks)

Motels and RV parks are generally either "transient" or "destination", i.e. resort
or convention venues or near major attractions.  Generally, at transient
locations along main highways you will not need reservations.  (Motels have an
average occupancy rate of about 65% -- that means one of three rooms is
vacant.  RV parks appear to have a similar situation.)  

Three-day weekends may be tight in resort areas.  Memorial Day is the last
Monday of May; July 4th week is tight, as is Labor Day weekend in September.  
Special local events may mean tight accommodations in the area.  Some
popular destinations are booked a year in advance.  With today's modern RV
equipment, dry camping in an overflow area is generally acceptable for a night
or two.  When we anticipate crowds we find a place the day before the
weekend and stay for the weekend.  

We like the convenience of calling on a cellular phone in mid afternoon to a RV
park or motel to make a reservation for the night.  Numerous directories list
phone numbers and descriptions of motels or RV parks (see
schedule is so fluid that we sometimes have left a RV park and toured during
the day and much to our surprise returned to the same RV park at night.  
Most government (national, state, local) owned campsites are acceptable
though some have only limited facilities for RVs and some cannot
accommodate RVs.  

    Also, see the "Trip Planning" section for websites that list government
    campgrounds (state, federal, and local) and also websites for commercial
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