You travel when you can, but you can’t overlook the weather.  Many travelers have
been disappointed by the weather – not just the surprise cold snap – but the
normal-to-the-area hot or cold.  Weather must be considered when making your
travel plans.  We feel touring during the summer must be adapted to the weather
-- that means we have a casual pace.  

To anticipate the weather conditions in the areas we plan to travel we check
average temperature and extremes plus precipitation for spots we plan to visit for
the exact range of dates we expect to be there.  

The web site  is invaluable as it presents historic data by
day or month or year (along the top - click "more" and on the drop down menu
click "historical weather").  Some people say they do not mind the hot temperature
when it is dry, they must be younger than us.   Temperatures can vary radically in
very short distances.  Along the California coast the temperature in mid summer
near the ocean may be in the 60s and be over 90 just a few miles inland.  You’ll
have similar differences from the base to the top of a mountain.

As a rule of thumb:  temperature drops 3 degrees F as altitude increases a
thousand feet.

Tied to the weather is the need to use proper sun protection as much travel is
during summer sun, which intensifies at higher altitudes.  And remember to take
water – this is very important
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