Generally you’ll have no problem even with a motorhome.  We generally avoid
Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, New York City, and San Francisco.  When we must
drive in a large city like Los Angeles and Detroit we try to go on Sunday morning
(that’s the best time) or mid-day.  Just accept the fact that you will go the speed of
the traffic.

Interstate highways are good and often have bypasses around major cities.  We
generally prefer other roads because they usually are more interesting.  On all
highways you can expect construction delays, however they are usually minor.  
can inform members of major construction locations.  Many states provide this
information at a phone number or web site listed in their tourist literature.  Real-time
traffic conditions are available in some areas on local radio, by phone or on-line.

See "Trip Planning" (above) for websites that can provide real time information.
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