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Travel Journal

The answer to whether we keep a journal is an evasive "yes and no".  That is, Ida does sometimes, she'll
say much of the time.  Probably the most useful things Ida does is to record notes on a (now dog-eared)
road atlas and plot the routes we have taken.  In addition, she logs the miles traveled daily as well as
noting the campgrounds, oil changes, etc. to the motorhome, etc.  

I do not keep a journal, but send a snail mail letter to our daughters and my sister every now 'n then.  
Click "
Travel Letters" above to see some of the more recent letters.  The frequency depends upon a
unique combination of rainy weather and whether we've had some activities that we feel might interest
our family.  It's sort of fun to read through the old letters, just wish there had been digital cameras when
we started our travels.  

A suggestion.  Have you ever found a letter sent by your great grandfather?  Ida discovered a letter by
her great grandfather to his son that told of things on the farm and asked him to bring a gallon of
whiskey on his next trip home.  Such treasures will be lost to our descendants if we rely on electronic
media as our words will go the way of 5 ½ inch floppies.  To avoid that, we periodically make hard copies
of some of the things we write.  We have them spiral bound at a nearby office supply store.  We’ll never
know if they’ll entertain/inform future generations – but maybe.  

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