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From Quebec City head south to the United States to  …  


US-2 as you approach St. Johnsbury, Vermont.  Go east
on US-2 to…

New Hampshire

Mt. Washington.  On a clear day, and there are some,
the view from the top can be sensational.  Go to the top
by car or take the cog railroad.  We prefer the cog
railroad.  Though not high by western standards it claims
to have measured the strongest recorded wind in the
world.  The top is above the “tree-line”.  Then continue
east on US-2 to …


Bangor.  From here you can head east on Route 9 to
Canada for a tour of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island
(both are provinces of Canada) and a view of the greatest
tides in the world – the 40+ foot tides at the Bay of
Fundy are something to see.    See
Route M       Or south
to …

Acadia National Park.  This is the renowned rock bound
coast of New England.  It is a very popular park and
reservations may be desirable.  Enjoy the famous Maine
lobsters.  The views along the oceanfront and bays are
among the best on the east coast.  Go south on US-1
south through the small coastal villages of
Camden and
.  (The view from the top of the mountain at
Camden Hill State Park, overlooking Penobscot Bay is
marvelous.) then return to I-95 and head south to I-495


    Boston.  With numerous prestigious colleges and
    universities Boston is a cultural center.  Here, and
    nearby in Concord and Lexington, there are
    significant landmarks that trace the events that led
    to the Revolutionary War as well as wonderful
    cultural features.  Boston is a city to avoid driving in,
    if you can.  They have good rail public
    transportation.  The “T” takes several routes to
    surrounding areas and some motels and
    campgrounds near I-495 advertise that they are
    near a station.  

    In addition to the sights in Boston consider visiting Cape
    Cod.  On the way visit...
  • Plimoth Plantation.  This is a re-creation of the
    first settlement established by the passengers of
    the Mayflower in 1620.  It is located near Plymouth,
    which has the Plymouth Rock and a replica of the
  • Cape Cod National Seashore.  This is the
    peninsula that extends to form the bay.  It is very
    crowded in the summer months.
  • Martha’s Vineyard.  This is an island off Woods
    Hole that is a playground for the influential.  Also,
    Nantucket, an island, is a favorite destination.
  • J. F. Kennedy Library and Museum.  This
    presidential library is popular.  

    Then continue to…

    Fall River.  This is the location of Battleship Cove
    with a concentration of former US Navy ships.  Visit
    a WW2 battleship USS Massachusetts, a submarine
    and a virtual fleet of other ships.  Then head south

Rhode Island

    Newport.  Tour the “cottages” of the wealthy of the
    early 1900s.  Be sure to visit The Breakers and at
    least one other.  These sumptuous homes were
    used by the industrial and financial leaders of the
    time for entertaining as well as to escape the
    summer heat of the cities.  Take time to enjoy,
    maybe walk along the waterfront on the Cliff Walk.  
    Then take I-95 south to …


    Connecticut is noted for pleasant country roads –
    take time to explore areas such as Litchfield and
    Kent.  During the summer some communities have
    country theatres.  These were used for tryouts in
    the early and mid 1900s and enabled producers to
    refine their productions before hitting Broadway.  
    Even today the productions often feature name
    talent, though generally the shows are “classics”.  

    NOTE FOR RVERS.  In Connecticut and New York only
    cars are permitted on the highways designated as
    “Parkways”.  RV drivers who ignore this advice may be
    annoyed if their vehicle encounters a low overpass.  

    Mystic.  Mystic Seaport is a re-creation of an early
    sailing port – part of the area heritage.  Board the
    tall ships.  This is an educational museum with
    demonstrations.  Nearby is a splendid aquarium.  
    Then back to I-95 to …

    Groton.   Have you ever been aboard a nuclear
    submarine?  From I-95, exit 86 go north on Route
    12 to the USS Nautilus, which was the first nuclear

    Then continue east on I-95.  

    SUGGESTION.  To avoid the heavy New York metro area
    traffic continue to route 9 north, (or consider taking some of
    the quiet country roads) and south to I-691 and east to I-84
    to New York State.

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    Route K New York to Florida - Coastal;
    also New York to North Carolina -Inland
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