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Northern California  and Oregon -- Interior Route

As you head inland from the coast you can pass through Napa Valley, which is famous for
vineyards and the endless variety of wines.  Where there is a winery there is a tasting room —

North of Sacramento you’ll pass rice paddies, then the mountains.   The interior of California
is arid and the eastern portion is mountainous.  Aqueducts carry water along part of the route.

Explore the caves and caldera that remain from the numerous volcanoes that dotted the area
in times past.  Take a boat ride on the bluest lake in America.  Above all, enjoy the
unmatched scenery — snow capped mountains, lakes, forests.

As you read this you may wish to trace the route on your road map.
From Napa Valley head northwest to …

Lassen Volcanic National Park, which is the site of a 1915
volcano.  The area is still recovering and is generally tree covered.  
As you explore the region you may visit the steaming hydrothermal
areas. This is the southernmost volcano in the Cascade Mountains.  
Then north to …

Lava Beds National Monument.  The lava tubes form caves that
can be explored.  The lava tubes were formed by lava flows that
cooled on the outside and the hot lava on the inside flowed out
leaving the solid outside crust, or tube.  Within the park are
extensive Native American rock art sites.  

Northeast of the park on scenic Route 139 is
Tule Lake, the
location of a major World War II internment camp for Japanese
residents.  Then drive along the eastern shore of Upper Klamath
Lake on the way to…

Crater Lake National Park (photo).  Take a ride on the tour boat.  
You can see the bottom, down 100 feet, as you go to an island
formed by a volcano.  To reach the boat you park and walk about a
mile down to the boat landing – the walk back up may be a bit too
much for those who have difficulty walking.  This is another
“highlight”.  Be sure to also drive around the lake to get an overall
view of its beauty.  Then to…

Bend.  You’ll like the ride to this city that is a popular retirement
center.  Visit the volcano cones at
High Desert Museum a few miles
south of Bend on US-97.  Plan on climbing up to the caldera and a
few miles away you can enter a lava cave.  It is a beautiful area so
take time to tour along the scenic Cascade Lakes Highway.

Then head west to the coast via the scenic
Three Sisters
Wilderness Area, right,
 and go to…

Eugene and Corvallis.  Both Eugene and Corvallis are pleasant
college towns in a fertile valley framed by mountains.  The area is
scenic, with covered bridges, extensive farming and farm stands.  

If you need work on your RV this area (
Junction City and Coburg)
has large RV and truck service facilities.  

If you wish to explore coastal Oregon this is the place to head west.  
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    On the way to Portland you might visit Silver Falls State
    Park near Salem to see the dozen or so waterfalls.  A local
Tour boats take you to the volcanic island at Crater Lake
Lava beds are reminders of the 1915 erruption at Lassen Volcanic National Park
Walk into the lava tubes at Lava Beds National Monument
Travel Letters
Caldera at Lava Lands south of Bend, Oregon
Silver Falls State Park