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Plan your trip to include places that are noted for scenic beauty or historic significance.  As you
plan a trip you have target destinations.  You can then add interesting places along the way,
which will make this your trip of a lifetime.  We consider our travels as memories in the making.

Places shown in this trip planner are listed in the order you will come to them if you travel
clockwise around the nation.  Some travelers favor interstate highways and others prefer to
explore "back roads".  That's the reason we give general headings so you can travel your way.  
Travel Letters

The descriptions are terse so you can get a quick overview as you form a skeleton of your
plans for "a trip of a lifetime".  More than 150 photos add to the descriptions.  After developing
your tentative route use other guides for in-depth descriptions and to refine the itinerary of
places to see.  This is especially true if you plan to tour large cities, which are not covered.  

As you take new roads off-the-beaten-track you'll discover old mining villages, small farm
towns, others are fishing or lumber communities.  Some are prospering.  Some are sleepy.  
Possibly your most vivid memories of the trip will be of these spontaneous wanderings and the
people you meet.  Also omitted are the many recreational opportunities such as hiking, golf,
water sports, etc.
 These, like restaurants and lodging, fall into place after deciding the route
that will take us to the places we want to visit.  

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    It should be kept in mind that this is strictly a personal effort.  We have tried to be accurate.  If
    we erred please accept our apologies and notify us so we can attempt to make corrections.  

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    This is a non-commercial site.  A few businesses are mentioned because of their unique
    services.  Mentions of places do not constitute a recommendation, and no attempt has been made
    to verify that they are still operating or continue to provide the service.
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Interesting places to see on your cross country trip
Washington State to Niagara Falls, NY - northern tier with side trips to British Columbia and Alberta - Scenic covers coastal rain forest to desert and mountains to plains
Northern California and Oregon - coastal route with redwoods, fishing ports
Oregon to Denver, Colorado - Includes: Columbia River Gorge, Yellowstone, Grand Teton, Dinosaur National Monument - marvelous scenery
Northern California and Oregon - Interior route with National Parks and scenic areas
Arizona to Idaho - vocanos, cliff dwellings, Grand Canyon, ghost town, caves
Utah to Tennessee - Mid country - Nothing surpasses the National Parks along this strip of mid-America.   See the natural wonders plus the remains of early cultures.
North Carolina to California - mid country.  From coast to coast see the opulence of the 1800s, the most visited National Park, and learn of the cultures that preceded the arrival of Euopeans as well Civil War battlefields
Gulf coast to California - along the border.  A blend of old and new - nature and man-made.
New York State, New England, a side trip to Quebec plus a loop into the Atlantic Provinces
New York to Florida - coastal; New York to North Carolina - inland; and side trips linking the coastal and mountain areas
Florida - The coastal areas; the Everglades; the Orlando area
Atlantic Provinces - New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland & Labrador - historic and scenic features that are recognized by the United Nations as outstanding
For Alaska See Letters
RV trip  and  Cruise
Southern California - coastal areas - historic missions, scenic drives, Hearst castle
A website to assist travelers who are planning extended trips