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Travel Letters

RV Travel notes
to share our travel experiences

Table of Contents of Letters
RV travel letters* describe many places we visited on extended trips in the US and Canada.  Some
places are mentioned that are not elsewhere in this site.  There are over 200 photos.  Includes two Alaska
trips (2007 by motor home and a cruise in 2005).  Descriptions tend to be a bit more detailed.
 It is my belief
that the items featured are basically stable so the older letters can help in trip planning.

    Some background.  Since 1991, when we moved to North Carolina, we have sent snail-mail letters to our family -- three
    daughters (addressed "Dear Gals") and their families plus our sisters.  They were written as the mood strikes us --
    every couple of weeks as we travel.  After three or so pages they're sent -- about three or four letters a year.  As they are
    busy moms it is important to be brief.  Letters have been edited to remove "family stuff" and other identifying information
    of people.
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2013:  Trip to New England and west into Kentucky
1        North Carolina to New England and West Virginia
2        West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee and Virginia

2012:  Trip to Pacific Coast - California & Oregon
1        Florida to Arizona
2        Arizona and along the California coast
3        California coast
4        Pacific coast east to Kansas and North Carolina

2011:  Trip to Prince Edward Island
1        North Carolina to Prince Edward Island

2010:  Visit  to family, a letter was sent to family

2009:  Trips to Southeast
1        South Carolina to western Virginia

2008:  Trip to Prince Edward Island
1        North Carolina to Prince Edward Island
2        Prince Edward Island to North Carolina

2007:  Trip to California and Alaska
1        North Carolina to Texas and Southwest
2        California
3        N California, Top of the World to Yukon to Fairbanks, Alaska, includes Eskimo village
4        Fairbanks, Alaska and return to California
5        California to North Carolina

2006:  Trip to Prince Edward Island
1        North Carolina to Prince Edward Island via Nova Scotia
2        Prince Edward Island
3        Prince Edward Island and return to North Carolina

2005:  Trip to Alaska via Southwest
1        North Carolina to Mississippi valley
2        Texas, New Mexico, Arizona
3        Arizona, San Diego, Alaska cruise
4        Southern California
5        Northern California, Crescent City to North Carolina

2004:  Trip to Florida Keys and Canada (PEI)
1&2     Florida Keys and home to Williamsburg, VA
3        Prince Edward Island via New Brunswick
4        Prince Edward Island

2003:  Trips to Florida Keys, Mid America, and Pacific Coast
1        Florida Keys and Mississippi to Southwest
2        San Diego to Coos Bay, California

2002:  Trips to Florida Keys and Canada (PEI)

2001:   Trips to Florida Keys, Mid-America, and Pacific Coast
Letters written earlier than the above are being converted from
the print to the web version, so they are

Check back - we'll continue as time permits
Riding the surf at Ft. Fisher Rec Area in the Cape Fear area in southeastern North Carolina
* An article describing these letters appeared in
Family Motor Coaching, November, 2001;Staying in Touch with Newsletters.
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